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But in hindsight

26 Feb

So it’s 1:00 AM, and I’m writing my paper on child abuse.  I’m stressing as this is my 3rd to last class, only two more to go and I will have TWO bachelor’s degrees!  I take a break to walk my dog, which is immediately unpleasant for me as it is extremely cold and I hadn’t decided to change out of my paper thin Under Armour shirt (yeah, it keeps you warm, when you’ve got other things on top of it!).  So I’m outside, walking my dog, trying to get him to go “potty” (that’s his key word, say potty and usually he just starts urinating immediately.  That word is great when you’re outside.  When you’re inside, it’s pure doom. DOOM) and chatting with this REALLY cute little blonde I just recently met, talking about happiness, when I see my dog grab a stick.

See, my dog is a retriever.  Golden retriever labrador retriever mix.  This dude LOVES retrieving things.  I see him grab a stick with his mouth, and suddenly his entire demeanor changes.  While he was all sniffing and looking and generally not having a blast, suddenly his head is cocked up and he’s walking pretty like he’s on a freaking runway.  His step has changed, his tail is wagging, all because of a stick, in his mouth.

It hit me right then and there.  Happiness.  It can be found in the most complex of things, or the most simplest of things.  Here I was, stressing over doing my homework, meanwhile talking to a stunning young lady via text messages who is telling me I am cracking her up.  My mood changed immediate then and there too.  I came back inside and just KILLED my paper.  I was at 4 1/2 pages out of 8, and the next thing you know I’m on page 9.  Because I am happy.  Sure, I’m single, sure I’m still in college and exhausted, but you know what?  I’m here, I’m alive, I’m going to graduate soon, and I have you, my loyal readers, following in my follies, hopefully laughing along the way.  Happiness can be obtained, I promise.

Here he is, just trottin’ along.

Nevermind my voice, or the fact that the phonebook outside gives away my location.  Just enjoy and think, if only I could be that happy.  If you are that happy, kudos, spread it around.


After a long delay…

24 Sep

You know how when things are going really good, you brag about them?  I think I’m sort of the opposite.  I air my grievances easily.  I have yet to determine why this is, but for those who actually follow me, let’s go on to say that the past few months were perhaps not that script worthy.


I also blame some of my lack of writing on the procrastination that is my college experience.  I put things off ALL THE TIME.  For example, I’m typing this when I ought to be doing laundry.  The basket of my dirty (I was going to say soiled, but I think that means I pooped) clothes is just kicking it right next to me, but here I am re-opening my WordPress account.  Good call, Justin. Good call…

I suppose gloves aren't necessary to do that

This may OR MAY NOT be in my clothes basket.


I’ve recently chosen to remain single.  When I initially started writing this, it was more of a complaint forum of my singleness, but it’s dawned on me that I can’t really do the dating thing right now.  Maybe it’s because of my procrastination that I don’t make time for things.  However, even with the myriad problems I’ve got going on (none severe, thank you), right now is a time about me.  Do I miss some of my ex’s?  Sure, I miss their positive qualities.  Am I happier now than then?  Well, I did just say that I write when I’m unhappy, but truthfully, I am in a good place right now.

After all, Our Lady Peace said Happiness is not a fish you can catch.  And if it is…I really dislike seafood.