Been a minute

14 Oct

So I’m thinking on reopening the site, or at least adding more to what I’ve once created.  However, I’ve been informed that a little change up should occur, and I am totally down for that idea.

You see, first, and I believe I’ve stated this prior, but I’m prone to write when feeling upset or something occurs and I offer my perspective on it.  Now who am I to simply post my perspective as the end all be all? Simple, I’m me, doesn’t that make enough sense?  However, what if we had an additional insight?  And what if that other perspective was from a female?  Would it still be the World’s Last Single Guy?  I think it would.  

All I can promise is that it’ll still be no-holds-barred opinions on dating, but now coming from both genders.  This is not what I initially planned on starting out, but hey, I think it’s healthy and the idea is profound.  Thoughts?


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