25 Feb

It’d be false to call something a realization when six months later you’re all like “I don’t know what happened!  I was caught COMPLETELY by surprise!” when it was simply the same damn thing that happened that you claim is what you realized six months prior.  How many times you gotta touch the stove to realize what hot is?

This reminds me of that GI Joe spoof episode.  Ridiculous and laugh out loud funny all at once.

This reminds me of that GI Joe spoof episode. Ridiculous and laugh out loud funny all at once.

So that said, I went on a blind date-ish sorta thing Saturday, February 23, 2013.  A friend of mine, and her significant other, set me up.

I feel it necessary to first start off by saying I have had the hots for my friend since first meeting her.  She’s sweet, she is ridiculously cute, and she has a mean sense of humor.  She laughs at a majority of my nonsensical sayings, more so now that I’m not trying to woo her, which in and of itself is attractive.  However, having recently met her significant other, this guy is legit.  He’s a cool guy who doesn’t go picking fights, but looks as though he could whoop an ass or two if he needed to.  So, I am extremely happy for those two and wish them nothing but continued happiness.

Maybe seeing that in me, the two had decided on a female who would fit well with me.  Unbeknownst to myself, my female friend went and purchased a hockey game ticket for me.  I love hockey, something her guy and I have in common.  To say thank you, I offered her the opportunity to wear my Detroit Red Wing’s jersey, something I highly value, to the game she was taking her guy to see a few days prior.

The dude is too fast.  Like, my car can't go as fast as he skates.  I need my car fixed...

The dude is too fast. Like, my car can’t go as fast as he skates. I need my car fixed…

Anyhow, game day comes, and I feel as though I am looking sharp.  Like, cut you sharp.  Razor effing blade sharp.  The young lady is sporadic in communication, so the three of us (myself, female friend, female friend’s significant other), plus my female friend’s room-mate, make it up to the game.  In the middle of the second period, my would be date texts me to inform me she cannot make it.  Then I start drinking more.  I received numerous pieces of advice from my awesome friends (and hilarious advice at that, serious, why are we not friends yet?) that stated I should just be myself.  Drunk World’s Last Single Guy says things that ought to get him destroyed by human hands.  Hilarious things, but seriously, I’d cry if I talked to drunk me.  He’s a dick.  Hilarious, again, but a real jerk too.

I always feel bad cutting people out of the image, but hey, this is me.

I always feel bad cutting people out of the image, but hey, this is me. And I look good.

Anyhow, I was really making a big deal out of this, I was genuinely excited.  I did not have a bad time, I just think it would’ve been better had I met my date.  My father told me to live without expectations.  Anyone know how to retrain the brain to do that?  I’m all ears.


2 Responses to “Realization”

  1. Samantha Miller February 25, 2013 at 8:46 pm #

    I find myself having the same problem. Getting my “expectations up” only to be quickly disappointed. I now live by the thought of being honest with myself and realizing that I do have expectations and if they are not what I was hoping to let it go. My problem is I like to say I am not getting my hopes up but I really do and then crash and burn much like your drinking escapades while I am awfully disappointed!

    Hope this makes some sense…

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