17 Feb

So I’m sitting in my car, not quite sure what to write about. I figure just some random musings will suffice today.

1. It seems that the cold outside doesn’t want to leave. As I was driving in to work, I was thinking it’s too damn cold for too damn long. Surely, it gets cold in October and stays that way until April. Not awesome.

2. I have amazing hair. I’m not being egotistical, just factual.


I have this zit so no full facial shots

Great hair right there.

3. Our law system sorta sucks. The case I had for my car accident has been disengaged by my lawyer since I didn’t take time off of work to seek physical therapy. Further, because the police didn’t witness the guy actually hit me, he got away scott free, even though he left his license plate on my car. On it, like the screws holding his license onto his bumper are still embedded in my bumper. I just don’t get it.

4. I tend to ramble when my blood sugar gets low. I suppose I am a brittle diabetic, which stinks even more because I tend to like all forms of brittle, besides the diabetic kind.

Life goes on, right?


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