Well this is new

30 Jan

I had previously said that no one is out of my league, but the unexpected happened the other night.

One, to paraphrase a friend, I NEED to stop meeting women at work.  I am actually doing fairly well this month at work, so I am not using my workplace as a tool to meet women, it’s purely coincidental.  Anyhow, there is this young lady who I have flirted with on and off (okay, mostly on, but that isn’t the point) during my times of being single (and yes, perhaps even when I was dating) yet she never bought anything from me.  We would end up chatting and she would always end up laughing, as I can be fairly ridiculous.

Eventually, when I did become single, her and I finally exchanged numbers (look, I work in cell phones, I have access to numbers, but I always thought it creepy if I simply stored a customer’s number in my phone without permission.  That’s just unethical.) and got to texting, because no one talks on the phone anymore.

She was on the outs with her ex, and I with mine as well, so we had agreed to meet up for lunch or something, as she has a son so bars and what not may be out of the question.

Now a recurring theme sort of stuck it’s little head in.  Whenever we’d make plans, I suddenly would not hear from her for a few days.  Perhaps she was a flat leaver.  Except she never DID hang out with me.

Also how I get into my bathroom.

This is flat lever. Not flat leAver. I can understand how you might confuse the two.

Anyhow, as most women do, when it finally came time for her to buy something, she didn’t do it through me.  One might be bitter about this, but not I, as that makes things weird when suddenly she bats her eyelashes at you and expects a discount.  F that, you may be cute but you don’t pay my rent.

She was having issues with her new purchase and suddenly I am being texted again from her.  At first I thought, “okay, perhaps she IS using me for something, but whatevs.”  I replied in a business like manner, no flirtation, just straight up real talk.

Then she came into my workplace Monday night.  I had asked her, because she walked up to me while I was outside saying, “Hey buddy,” why she hadn’t been texting like she had prior.  After I spit said question out, I then suddenly wonder why I am now being referred to as “buddy.”  That is friend-zone dialogue right there!  She pretty much avoids the question and it turns out I need to erase her phone to fix it.

So while I am backing up her information, we have free time to chat as there are no other customers in store (sort of a slow month).  We’re talking about this and that, and she’s nearly in tears laughing.  We get on the topic of naming your penis (swear she brought it up) and I am saying that I haven’t done that, as it would be too weird to refer to it by name.  I mean, seriously, not even a nick name.  There’s no need to name my genitalia, I don’t want a lady referring to it as though it were a proper noun.

At this point she’s in tears laughing, which when I read what I’ve said, you’re probably like, “why?”  I guess you had to be there.  As with all good laughter, there’s often a point of “coming down” where there’s that awkward silence.  Then she drops the bombshell on me.

You know, we could never work out, you’re too good for me.”

MJ, lol

I’m sorry, could you repeat that?

How’d that go again?  I am too good for you?  I never imagined hearing such words.  I mean, yeah, I imagine myself to be pretty freaking awesome (though my ex’s might all disagree, but who cares for their opinions?), but too good?  I am having a rough time deciding on if she was serious or that was her way out of seeing me.  Thoughts?


One Response to “Well this is new”

  1. E.S. Cameron January 30, 2013 at 3:25 pm #

    I’ve always heard that the most successful relationships are where both partners feel the other one is too good for them, so both people are continually grateful to have the other, and make a point to show how much they appreciate the other. So neither feels taken for granted.

    So may be you should try again. B/c maybe you have a shot with this girl?

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