Phoneless but not hopeless

8 Oct

I’m sort of a masochist when it comes to my phone.  I don’t have anger issues, but I sure like to beat the ever present hell outta my device.  So, as of Saturday morning at roughly 11:00 AM my phone quit me.  While some would be extremely angered by such an incident, I found the blessing in it later that evening and the next day.

It shouldn't have been looking at me funny...

Would I be a jerk if I said the phone deserved it?

Friday morning, prior to work, I had read an article speaking about how the divorce rate continues to climb.  While this is apparent, the author mentioned how he believes a strict “no texting” policy should be implemented within couples.  His thought is that when there is no texting, it gives the couple something to actually talk about when dinner rolls around.  Well, I’ve been phoneless for the weekend, and in being such I have been semi-communication-less.

I had found myself relegated to Facebook messages to which I received no replies.  I think what stuck with me here is, those who had ignored me, well, they are not worth my time any longer.  Those who responded, those are the people I need to surround myself with.  I challenge anyone out there with relationship issues to simply not reach out.  It may seem juvenile, but legitimately, if someone has wronged you than let them come to you with an apology.  If they do not, move on.  To those who are single and vying for attention from a particular person/persons, leave them alone for a little bit.  If they do get in touch, that person clearly likes communicating with you as much as you do with them.    If you are the one who has wronged another, be an adult (I’m assuming adults read this) and make amends.

I may be phoneless, but I am not heartless or soulless.  I’m upset with myself for not taking the hint before, but I can make the statement now that the hint is received and I’ve got the message loud and clear.  Which is sort of ironic, considering in order to get the message, I never did get the message.  I hope my errs help others so they do not have to follow in my follies.  Anyway, I’ll always post said follies here!


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