If only I were younger…

5 Oct

Funny thing happened today at work.  I was helping out a rather attractive older lady.  That’s not the funny thing, stay with me.  She was attractive for being a good fifteen years older than me, had a really great smile and let’s say she appeared to take care of her body.  As we’re talking she mentions to me that her oldest son seems to have lost his way and had surprised her with a grandchild, which she believes she was too young to be a grandmother anyhow.

It'd be funnier if it were a rotary phone

“That’s a good looking grandma! My grandma looks like Jack Palance.”

I mention how I believe her son will find his way, as I’m 30 and just about to finish college.  I was a tad misguided but finally found my way.  She stops and says, “there’s no way you’re 30”.  I show her my I.D. to which she says, as she is leaving, “It’s a shame you’re not younger.”  I ask, “What’s wrong with 30?” She says, “Nothing, I just have a gorgeous daughter who would be perfect for you.”  I reply again, “So…what’s wrong with 30?”  She says, “She’s 19″….

See, am I in my prime or has my prime past me?  I like to think I’m better off now, intellectually and emotionally, but damn it to hell I can’t seem to find a decent, non-matriarchal woman around my age range.  I was hanging out with some friends last Saturday, mentioning this said dilemma, when some stranger I had never met tells me that, yeah, it’s too late for me to find a woman around my age range who doesn’t have a child.  I’m not saying that’s a terrible thing, but I can say the last few females I have been involved with who have children have had child raising issues they have brought to my attention.  I don’t believe I’m prepared for that.  I do not know any better about raising children, and frankly I just don’t find it in my wheel house of conversation.

Am I reaching for things well outside of my grasp?  Or are my issues on single mothers just ridiculous?  I’m unsure, do chime in please.


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