After a long delay…

24 Sep

You know how when things are going really good, you brag about them?  I think I’m sort of the opposite.  I air my grievances easily.  I have yet to determine why this is, but for those who actually follow me, let’s go on to say that the past few months were perhaps not that script worthy.


I also blame some of my lack of writing on the procrastination that is my college experience.  I put things off ALL THE TIME.  For example, I’m typing this when I ought to be doing laundry.  The basket of my dirty (I was going to say soiled, but I think that means I pooped) clothes is just kicking it right next to me, but here I am re-opening my WordPress account.  Good call, Justin. Good call…

I suppose gloves aren't necessary to do that

This may OR MAY NOT be in my clothes basket.


I’ve recently chosen to remain single.  When I initially started writing this, it was more of a complaint forum of my singleness, but it’s dawned on me that I can’t really do the dating thing right now.  Maybe it’s because of my procrastination that I don’t make time for things.  However, even with the myriad problems I’ve got going on (none severe, thank you), right now is a time about me.  Do I miss some of my ex’s?  Sure, I miss their positive qualities.  Am I happier now than then?  Well, I did just say that I write when I’m unhappy, but truthfully, I am in a good place right now.

After all, Our Lady Peace said Happiness is not a fish you can catch.  And if it is…I really dislike seafood.


2 Responses to “After a long delay…”

  1. E.S. Cameron September 24, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

    “Soiled” can be used either way, so you’re in the clear.

    You know, sometimes it’s better to be alone and focus on being happy alone. When you’re happy with yourself alone, it will be easier to find happiness with someone else, even when you’re not looking.


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    […] I could complain that this is due to my work schedule, but realistically, it’s due to my procrastination.  It’s not that I’m starving, and I can usually eat at any given moment, I just often […]

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