Lots of little bits

1 May

Goodness, I took a short nap while wearing a nicotine patch (quitting for REALZ this time, folks) and had the most crazy dreams.  Started out I was in Hilton Head, and  had this really lush place all to myself.  I left for a little bit to mingle with some ladies, came back and I thought I was robbed.  I then figured out I was just standing in the wrong room.  So I find my computer and decide, I got this amazing place to myself, I’m gonna go on Facebook and invite ALL of my friends over for a nice get together (cause all of my FB friends are readily available to travel to Hilton Head for a one night party).  I kept trying to log in but I kept typing “Faceboob“.  Frustrated with my inability to type, I decided to take a swim in a lagoon (that may or may not exist in Hilton Head) and was promptly eaten by an alligator or crocodile.  I could never tell the difference.

Add me if you like FACEBOOBS, LOL!

So a buddy of mine recently linked me to a news article that I find rather interesting.  This says that men prefer pink shaded vaginas to red shaded vaginas.  What I find surprising is the survey did not ask the men “would you not stick your penis in any of the shown vulvas?”  I mean, it’s sort of a biased survey.  What do you like more, applewood bacon or hickory smoked bacon?  I DON’T CARE, I LIKE BACON!  You know?

I first Google Image searched the word Vulva, but then decided, based on the results, that I would show a picture of bacon instead. DO NOT GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH THE WORD "VULVA"!

Lastly, I FINALLY watched Brittany Gibbon’s TED Talk video. While, recently, I’ve been being all serious about psychology, I have decided to maybe, just maybe, try to be a bit more off the wall.  However, this video really got me thinking.  Women are not the only ones who are ridiculed because of their body.  I, being 30 years old, 5’7″ tall and roughly 140 pounds soaking wet, am often judged by my body before even being spoken to.

Sunday, our first volleyball game of the season, I ran into an old colleague at the volleyball court.  She was always a very nice, sweet girl, if not sort of ditzy (no offense if she is reading this, which she isn’t). We were trying to catch up quickly when a gentleman that was with her kept saying, loud enough for me to hear “quit talking to the guy in the tiny shirt and get in here.”  Her other friends were laughing at my expense, because she was paying attention to someone other than the one throwing insults my way, indirectly.  My point is, while I am very proud of Brittany for standing up for woman who may be uncomfortable with their bodies, men suffer the same way.  Men tend to be more physically aggressive, more likely to act out in violence if they are upset, and body issues is often a form of bullying that leads to such violence.  I applaud Brittany for her attempts, and hope she is doing well in them, but I want everyone to know that this issue also affects men.  I’m not going to strip down now, but this is the shirt in question…

If you look closely at the door knob of my bedroom door, it says "Attempting 1st Base, DO NOT DISTURB." I've left it on there since the day I've moved in. Or Christmas. Yeah, Christmas.


One Response to “Lots of little bits”

  1. insanelycaptivating May 1, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    Congrats on quitting I quit cold turkey for what I’m hoping to be the last time back in Jan. I thought I had weird dreams… I think you might have me beat.

    Thanks for the male point of view… I wanna first say that I don’t see anything wrong with the shirt… It’s under armour its supposed to be form fitting and at least you have the body to pull it off. Jealousy affects everyone and we are all guilty of judging another person based on their looks or finances or other situations. I can’t see someone judging you negatively based off your looks. But at least you have an understanding of what women go thru daily. Maybe that guy was jealous of you or felt threatened that you would take her away…?

    Good luck in your endeavors to quit smoking… Hopefully you don’t get eaten by anymore alligators/crocodiles. If you encounter another one just hold its mouth shut, they can’t eat you that way. They don’t have the strength to open their mouth (I believe this only applies to crocodiles tho)

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