Welcome spring…jerk…

28 Apr

I’ve been awake a total of 40 minutes so far, and already the day has started off with a stupid bang.

Last year, I  wrote about having an ear infection.  Nearly six months on the dot, and I am feeling sick again.  Not as bad as last year, but still pretty terrible.  My body is producing mucus (lovely word) at a rate that honestly frightens me.  Which is even cooler because tomorrow my beach volleyball league starts.

Do you think they leave the house wondering, "is this showing off my butt, enough?"

So, in order to sleep through the night, I’ve been relegated to taking Unisom.  What I found out LAST NIGHT about taking said medication, is that if you don’t go to bed within an hour of taking it, it doesn’t work as well.  I partially blame my love for Detroit sports teams for this, because as I was waiting for the wonder pill to kick in, I was youtube searching Detroit Lions, if only so I could catch Calvin Johnson give the Top Ten on Letterman.  I could be just making this up, but I believe the fact I felt like I was a million degrees hot when I did go to bed is enough scientific research to prove this true.

The worst part is, I was seriously looking forward to enjoying breakfast with my parents this morning.  Instead of enjoying some chocolate chip pancakes (and the scantily clad waitress who brings them out to me) I enjoyed a dream where I missed all of my homework assignments because I was on vacation.  Where did I go on vacation in my dream?  Oh, you know, Auschwitz.  I blame you, Unisom!

"For sleep that restores...and scares the shit outta you."


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