Egotism, or peacocking

26 Apr

That bird looks pissed!

I suppose I should start off by saying, I do not think I am all that.  I know I have my flaws, as we all do.  What I am attempting to do is take responsibility in the positives in my life.

I am a huge fan of the tattoos I have.  I never once look at my ink and think to myself, “wow, I should NOT have gotten that done.”

I also like to think I am the cause of satisfied customers at my workplace.  This month alone I am 7 for 7 in satisfaction surveys.  Considering myself and my co-workers are paid based on this as a group, I would hope someone would recognize this, but alas, no one does.

Along with said satisfaction surveys, I also believe I am the reason a majority of my female customers smile.  Yeah, that sounds egotistical, but it’s not, I promise.

“If you received a compliment, what kind of attribution do you think would make you feel the best? If you consider the cause of the compliment to be internal (something about you), stable (something that will always be there), and global (something that will be found in all situations), you are likely to feel better about yourself (Feenstra, 2011).”  Yes, I just cited my college textbook on attributions.  Quite frankly, I am done with being a negative person.

Ya see, most of you don’t know me.  When I present myself to you, via this blog, I am doing what an ex of mine referred to as “peacocking.”  I am showing you my prettiest feathers.  But, being that this is my blog, I’m allowed that, right?  Kudos to Life’s Crazy Joke to pointing out things that are weird about her, but we’re not at that stage, now are we?

I am not egotistical, but I’m in the process of learning that I can’t begin to make someone else happy without being happy with myself, first.  Too often in prior relationships I would forego my wants and needs to ensure my significant other was happy, first.  My good buddy Matt pointed this out to me one night.  While I do want, ultimately, to just be happy, I have found myself sacrificing what I want short-term to achieve a long-term gain.  Maybe that’s normal?

Yes, I realize I had posted a picture of myself, half-naked as some would describe, in my last entry.  I have yet to receive one complaint (or even one comment, for that matter!).

Just realize, we have yet to even scratch the surface of who The World’s Last Single Guy really is, but we’ll get there, readers.  Meanwhile, head over to Life’s Crazy Joke and check the comments, where I DO confess a few weird things about me.  If you like it, I may continue onward.  In the meantime, here’s In The Meantime..

“While it’s on my mind there’s a girl who fits the crime for a future love dream that I’ve still to find. But in the meantime…”



4 Responses to “Egotism, or peacocking”

  1. lena April 26, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    I think you have every right to strut your feathers. You are very attractive (yesterday’s blog post was passed around to my friends sorry for showing off your pic). I think its awesome that you have the courage to boast about yourself its not very often that people have self confidence. Your list of weird things is very open and honest (I apologize for lack of better verbage as I’m currently laughing at my own weirdness) I don’t think anyone should put their partner first and sacrifice their own happiness to ensure the happiness of the other (a mistake I have always made) but it should be a 100% effort on each end… You seem like a really nice guy with a lot to offer someone just as special as you… I hope you find that woman and she spends her time trying to make you happy while you try to make her happy…

  2. ramsestut April 26, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    Fine, Justin, I think your pic was hot. Feel better now?

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