Turning it up to 11

25 Apr

I’ve recently determined I need to turn my swagger up to 11.

As crazy as that may sound, hear me out, I think you’ll be bagging what I’m mowing (thanks Keef).

I know I’m a pretty great dude.  Yup, if I still have you, thank you for staying past the jump.  However, I have found that recently I have been putting WAY too much emphasis on what others, particularly women, think of me.

I went out to lunch today with my most recent ex-girlfriend.  We are trying to just remain friends, as we agree we have had a lot of positive impact on each other’s lives.  So, while at lunch, I had mentioned that the tattoo parlor I frequent is in the same plaza and she should stop by to get herself some ink.  Upon discussion, I mentioned the next tattoo I want to get.  She said, in so many words, that if I got that tattoo she would not be my friend anymore.   While I am certain she was joking, my response was, “Well I guess that’d be your loss, huh?”

Why am I NOT living like this all the time?

See, the way psychology (yes, I’m back to turning this into a college lesson) says it, if you’re optimistic, you know that good things happen because YOU make them happen, and the negative happen due to outside forces you can’t control.  While, realistic, sometimes I do make bad things happen, I know that I can, and indeed DO, make some women smile in a day’s time.  I know that while I sometimes frustrate my friends, they can also rely on me to hear them out and support them.  I am NOT a bad person.

Today, a well spoken gentleman and I were conversing.  He was very kind, though his appearance may show otherwise, and though we started talking about cellular phones, we moved on to other subjects such as his daughter (that’s what I do, sue me), his career, my education, and cars.  At the end of our conversation, he told me that I was a commodity for the company I work for.  Do you know how LONG I have waited for someone to tell me that?  I bust my ass, daily, in EVERY SINGLE interaction I have with my customers, yet I am yelled at about the smallest, dumbest of things.  This man, who has NEVER met me, and who didn’t buy ANYTHING from me, recognized me as a decent human being, intellectual, and an overall great communicator.

He’s right.  I am those things.  In the dating world, I’m also a decent site for the eyes (warning, if you are sick of seeing me without a shirt on, close your browser now, as I know some people MIGHT be jealous of this).

Yeah, I did this. I'm not upset. I am PROUD of the way I look.

One day, I’m gonna find myself a woman who is PROUD of the way I look, the way I treat her, the way I am.  Until then, I’m gonna KEEP being proud of the way I look, the way I treat people, and the way I am.  I’m just gonna turn it up to 11.  And keep it there.



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