Sunday Self Inflection Time!

22 Apr

So I’ve been hearing a lot about this YOLO stuff.  Completely oblivious to YOLO, I Google search it.

Someone probably think's they're clever for making this.

It's like the seven dwarfs thing they say when going to do work. Yolo, yolo, it's off I go...

I get the concept, but I feel it’s a way to rationalize bad behavior.  “Heck yeah I pooped on someone’s car, but, you know, YOLO!”

That said, I have been trying to live as though tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.  I believe it was a Brotip that talked about getting it done today.  It all sort of connected for me.  However, while it makes sense in writing, applying it in practice is difficult.

I’m single, as if I had not disclosed this information enough.  I am at a point where I want, nay, need, to take care of myself.  But I feel as though anything I pass up today might not be there tomorrow.  For example, there is this certain woman I would like to give my phone number to, or better ask for her number.  I just CANNOT bring myself to do it though.

Maybe it’s fear of rejection.  No, no maybe’s, it is definitely fear of rejection.  So, Bro’s, and Bro-ette’s, thoughts?  Recommendations?  Yeah, YOLO and all that noise, but again, I’m being a hypocrite in saying I shouldn’t put off tomorrow what I can do today, because I AM putting it off.

F you, YOLO.  I’ve got an extra life in my back pocket.

I WILL have a video game based on me!


2 Responses to “Sunday Self Inflection Time!”

  1. nicegirlfunny April 22, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

    I told you yesterday just do what you told me you would say!!! Put your big boy pants on right MEOW!

    • worldslastsingleguy April 23, 2012 at 12:19 am #

      I legitimately had to re-read this 18 times before I knew what you were talking about.

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