19 Apr

What I find interesting about us, humans, is how social we are.  Animals sort of have it easy.  Ever see a dog hump another dog?  I’m not saying it’s pretty, especially if they’re same sex (no offense to the LGBT community, of course), but there is no socializing prior to the mounting process.

Worst part is, he didn't even call her the next morning. Jerk.

So why are we so damn social?  If you believe in Darwinism and the whole caveman theory, the Cro-Magnon’s didn’t exchange pleasantries before banging like, well, cave people.  They just simply got to it.

I’m not saying I’m looking at simply banging, I’m just wondering where and when did the human race decide they needed to be social?

I only ask this because, well, as I would assume you already know, I have a non-existent love life.  In my attempts to be social with women, it goes well, and then it goes bad, usually in less than nine months time.

With being social, our society has set about what is called social norms.  These aren’t the scripts I had discussed before; this is instead what each and every person believes to be the normal thing, the correct thing, which society expects of us.  The crazy part is psychologists say that when we use these norms in our actions, we’re either conforming or being obedient, depending on who we believe set about this norm.  I believe both to be pretty negative terms.

My big issue here is how, in dating, we have to conform to norms.  Okay, not we.  I have to conform to norms.  There’s the whole, “you got a girls number, how long do you wait until you call (or text) her,” norm, the “hey I can’t touch your boobs because you don’t know my middle name,” norm, and the worst is, “you’re not allowed to talk to me, cause I have a significant other,” norm, the norm that is the bane of my existence.

I guess what I’m asking is, can we have a revolution of dating norms?  Can we all just stop the whole shy game of, “hey, you’re cute, but I fear rejection so I’m not gonna ask you out,” or the “you’re not 6’13” tall so I don’t want you talking to me,” shit?  What I really want is to have women actually give me a freaking chance.  But, maybe it’s because I haven’t been doing the best job at picking them.

Either we change these norms, or I build a time machine.  I bet the time machine one is more achievable.

I bet the monocle can help me build a time machine!


2 Responses to “OBEY!”

  1. Chrissy April 20, 2012 at 2:56 am #

    Your monocle just knocked me up without even taking me to Applebee’s first. How rude!

  2. My Homepage April 20, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

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