11 Feb

So I originally started this whole bloggy blog thing to discuss my dating life, as well as my likes and dislikes of it.  Seeing as how I haven’t been dating, I’ve been fairly quiet here. Then, while in the shower, which is where all the major thinking happens (did you know you’re supposed to actually wash the bottom of your feet?), I decided to make a list of random things I have thought recently.  Here goes…


– No matter how cute your child may be, if he or she spits carrots at me, I WILL want to punch it.

– I hate, I mean HATE, the word “horny”.  “Oh, are you horny right now?” “I mean, I WAS…”

– I’m not being racist.  You’re ignorant no matter what race you’d be.  “Cut on” DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. Nothing ever “cuts on”.  Turn on, power on, illuminate, power up, turn over, et cetera…but “cut on” is just being lazy.

– I am secretly jealous of women who can grow a better mustache than I can.

– I live alone, in a two bedroom apartment.  I have for a bit now.  However, I am still deathly terrified that one day I am going to open the second bedroom door, and a ghost and/or aliens are going to be in there.  It’s why I hardly ever go in there now.  And I don’t even own a flashlight.  Need to get on that…

Clearly, you can see my mind has been racing with creativity in these down months.  Hopefully I’ll have more to share soon.  Thanks.


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