8 Oct

Ever notice how sometimes in life, some songs come up as though they were written about the moment or situation you’re in?

Just me?

I find it curious.  So, seeing as how I love music (my latest tattoo should prove that), I found a song that applies to my current…status.

The song?  Recently…by Dave Matthews Band (yes yes, you haters can comment below, if you so choose).

Recently I’ve been all of content and dreaming I have been

(This is true.  I dunno what it is, but I’ve been pretty content lately.  I mean, I may dislike some things, but all in all, I’ve been fairly happy with life as it’s come.  Dreaming?  Man, I have some of THE best dreams.  Dreams that ought to be drug tested, they’re so out there.  What I hate most about dreams is forgetting them the next day.  The better the dream, the less we remember.  I should go to bed with a tape recorder some night so the next morning I can talk about what I dreamed.  Unless my blood sugar drops in my sleep.  Then I am CONVINCED my dream was really happening.  Like a couple of weeks ago, when I was at the Toledo Sports Arena and hit Doink the Clown with a folding chair.  THAT SHIT HAPPENED!)

Cause I’ve been lately seeing quite a bit of this woman, live on my street

(Okay, this part isn’t true.  She doesn’t live on my street.  Though the neighbor lady isn’t bad.  You know what’s REALLY crazy?  My neighbor, this cat has like, 4 different women.  I think he has those “sister wives” thing I heard about on television. Like, one day it’s a brunette, the next day a blonde, the next day a DIFFERENT brunette.  And the dude?  He’s like, twice the nerd I am.  I bet he blogs TWICE as much.  I may be just a little jealous (of both his blogging and his four attractive wives) And by “seeing”…not as much as I’d like, but you know, smiles here)

People stare and we just ignore everything.
People stare and we just ignore them and they go away, go away

(So, no one is staring.  I’m sure some critics are out there, but you know what, it feels pretty sweet to do what the heart wants, not what others may or may not approve of. For that, I’m happy)

She comes to me, I watch her drink
I watch her comb her hair.
Both say that we never before have felt as recently.

(Okay, so this part starts stalkerish.  What’s she drinking?  Is she consuming alcohol and then immediately fixing her hair?  Or are we leaving out the part where her drinking causes her to vomit, in which her hair is held back and messed up, thus she combs it after?  I’m not sure these lyrics apply to ANYONE’s life.  Why would a stalker want to watch her heavily consume alcohol and then get sick, and then pretend it never happened?  Is she a college age girl?  Then again, he does say “she comes to me.”  So he must be buying an under age girl alcohol. And the last sentence?  Is that even English?  This part of the song has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME!)

She and me go to places quiet where we are quite alone
Kiss and we hold together we will be until we’re done

(This part has not occurred.  Would I like it to?  OF COURSE.  Would she?  Maaayyyybbbeeee… I dunno.  You can never really tell with women, can you?  I mean, if you’re  a woman and you’re reading this, HEY, JUST SAY “LET’S GO TO SOME PLACE QUIET”  but you know, not the library.  I do enough reading as is.  And the dust thing, on the books, that smells NOT awesome.)

Anyhow, I guess this song has nothing to do with my life, but I can’t get it out of my head and when no one is looking I do a little dance to it.

Go ahead, you can dance too.

This is her and I. Except these two look nothing like her and I.




5 Responses to “Recently”

  1. Tracey October 11, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    Ok, I’ve sat on this for a couple of days cause I didn’t want to look stupid but then I thought screw it, I’m asking anyway…the picture of the tattoo, please tell me that’s not really on your adorable body?

    • Justin October 11, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

      Yes, it certainly is. Thank you for calling my body adorable though! Unless, like, you mean adorable like a kitten. Cause, yeah, kittens are cute and all, but…you bagging what I’m mowing?

      • Tracey October 12, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

        I’m a little disturbed and a little intrigued all at the same time which is quite confusing to me…

  2. Meredith October 30, 2011 at 7:48 pm #

    1. You need to write more.
    2. Double date? Are you at that point yet?
    3. I love me some Dave Matthews. Everyone does. Our song (me & my husband – not me & you – that would be weird) is Crash.

  3. Tracey November 11, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

    Where have you gone??

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