Something stupid again

16 Sep

So…just received a text message from a female friend’s boyfriend, via her phone mind you, that read “Say something fucking stupid like that again and I’ll be at your door step.”  I, of course, replied, “something stupid like that, again”.  No one’s arrived thus far.

I suppose this leads me to my topic, tonight.  Ladies, ladies, ladies…What in the world are you doing with douchebags? I mean, for real?  I understand the aspect of promiscuity, look, we all have our “wild oats.”  Is it the thought of him getting jealous to the point of attacking another person that, I dunno, makes you think you’re a princess and he’s your knight?  Is that what it is?  I guess I’m just at a loss, thought wise.

I wouldn't wear this shirt, but the message is pretty accurate.

His next line is “And no this isn’t (insert female friend’s name here) so your dumbass(.)”  I think I’m still pondering his intentions on that one.  My ass is dumb?  I’m a dumbass?  He didn’t insert a period, so maybe he has more to tell me about my ass?  Why is he talking about my ass?  Has he seen it?  Did she describe it to him?  I hope she didn’t mention the hair on it, because that’s just embarrassing as is.

There’s a saying men share that goes along the lines of “you’ll never turn a ho into a housewife.”  Ladies, maybe you oughta adapt the saying “you’ll never turn a douchebag into a good dad.”  I mean, then you’ll have douche children that pick on other kids in school, and seriously, are parents proud of having asshole children?  If they are…well…I can’t finish this sentence.  It’s too mean.  Instead, I’ll end on “your dumbass


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