Need to make this one quick

15 Sep

…because I have hair dye in.  I was about to visit the grocery store, when looking in the mirror before leaving, I saw so many fucking gray hairs that a little part of the hope I had to meet a woman died.

What this ad doesn't tell you is "success is not included."

I’m getting old, people.   Now, I shouldn’t be upset about this, I know, but I look at others my age who have more success, and I can’t help but be a little jealous.  So then I check and see that there are two categories for women when figuring in a man of my age.  1.  I need to be 6 feet tall or 2. I need to make over $100,000 a year.  So, you know, this dating website is matching me up with materialistic women (though height may not be material…)

I just Google searched this, so there may still be hope.  What I’m hoping to do is go on a few dates with women who have never met me before, and maybe who have never read this site.  Got any friends who are okay with my less-than-five-9 stature and middle class income?  Lemme know, please!


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